The objective 

The objective of this platform is to ease the access from donors (with no intermediaries, by transparent and direct way) to the people or projects that need any kind of aid (education, food, personal and professional development, environment, technology,…).

This platform is a digital way to ease the humanitarian aid and cooperation. It is not a paid platform, as its use is completely free and has no economic, political or business interest. The sole interest of this platform is to ease the arrival of humanitarian aid directly to the ones in need.

This platform is universal

This platform is universal, completely free, and everyone can access it freely, without exceptions. The information that is contained within the platform respects the Data Protection Act, and the only data published is that from people who authorized it. Any person can be a collaborator or donor in any part of the world. We don’t distinguish between nationalities, race, religion, sex, social status or any additional difference. We are all equal living beings, and we have to respect each other as much as we deserve being respected as such.

This platform is born and based on the universal, unconditional love of giving without expecting anything in return. It is the true love that ties together every element in the universe and maintains balance in all existence.

Equality and world balance

All the people who feel this universal love are tied to this platform, as they can collaborate without any self-interest, in order to give their own small grain of sand to equality and world balance.

The collaborators in this project are the ones who make this platform successful, as they are dedicated volunteers, with no secondary interest, who make it easy for donors to send help directly to the people in need in various fields, as well as environment and technology projects that want to make this planet better by developing poor areas of the world, making them richer and self-sufficient. It is more important to teach fishing than to give fish to eat.

The philosophy of this platform is as follows

The reason for being and how it works

  • The Collaborators will present the projects, and they will describe how can the donors aid directly the people in need, by means of contacting directly with the product or service providers needed.
  • Neither the platform, nor the Collaborator, nor the entity in need, will receive any kind of payment.
  • The donor pays directly the providers.
  • When the donors are physical people, they won’t be able to deduct donations as they are not making them to any association or organization that allows tax deductions. By making the donation directly to the product or service providers, they will only obtain the invoice or the receipt from the provider, as if it was a personal purchase.
  • When the donors are companies, they will obtain invoice from the providers and will be able to declare those expenses if they deem them appropriate. The platform can’t give advice on this matter.

Our Projects

New Projects

Our Results

Any person can be a Collaborator. A Collaborator must register into the platform, thus being granted an access code. Initially, a Collaborator will be registered as a Junior Collaborator. They can create aid projects and fill in all of its content, but their projects will need to be approved by a Senior Collaborator before being published.



Would you like to collaborate and do something new to help the world?


Sponsors are the companies that make donations to projects. They have the rights, if required, to publish information about their company as well as their activities. These publications will be regulated and supervised by the platform’s management team.


In this part, anyone can publish news related to the platform’s activity, as well as any topics about human development and cooperation. Every post will be supervised by the platform’s management team.