What project do you want to carry out?

Because you can change the world with your help

Any person can be a Collaborator. A Collaborator must register into the platform, thus being granted an access code. Initially, a Collaborator will be registered as a Junior Collaborator. They can create aid projects and fill in all of its content, but their projects will need to be approved by a Senior Collaborator before being published.

A Junior Collaborator will become Senior whenever a Senior certifies them and becomes fully reliable.

Senior Collaborators can publish all the projects that they desire. They must fill in all the project data and thoroughly explain the motivation for participating. They also need to describe the methods that the donors will use to fully or partially aid the project.

Here is an example project in which we want to aid a student who wants to study in Spain. The Collaborator can break down the aid in different parts:

  • Host family
  • Food
  • School or university enrollment fees
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Other…

Donors can choose in which parts they want to aid, or they might choose to fund the whole project.

Collaborators need to make daily checks ups on their projects to check which donations have been already made, so that they can update the project information.

Once all the donations are made, then the Collaborator marks the project as covered.

Collaborators always need to publish their own contact information so that donors can contact them in case they need to clarify anything, or there are any incidents involving the process of donation.

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